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  • Sunlight Health Oct 08, 2010
    THE UV FACTOR - Surprising uses of Ultraviolet Light

    For eons, nature has used our sun's ultraviolet energy as a way to cleanse the earth. UV light has many practical uses, it seems as if many of its medical applications have been ignored, neglected or purposely pushed aside. With the new antibiotic resistant diseases on the rise could humanity's slow acceptance be the beginning of ... Keep Reading

  • Dynamic of Light Sep 20, 2010
    Light is an important catalyst for life in the universe. Although sunlight has gotten some extremely bad press it good qualities outweigh its bad. Many scientists seem to ignore its positive attributes and healing qualities, so it never gets the good press it deserves. Some people purposely avoid direct sunlight, but what they don't know is that avoidance could be more detrimental to their health. ... Keep Reading