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T-Shirt and Accessory designs, with Global Icons and their profound world changing quotes.
The massive selection ranging from spiritual, patriotic, cosmic, above top secret logos and metaphysical art to awaken the mind.

INN Brings you information about an ever
changing world. Topics: Technology, Consciousness,
Business, Politics and Exo-Phenomena.

Articles on advance technology. Disruptive innovations will get purposely ignored because the effect on industry can be profound, but this is the natural evolution of business.

Wearable Infrared Light Pads that deliver powerful photon light therapy. The amazing red and infrared device
are effective in treating pain, discomfort, alleviate aches, speeding up recovery. LuxWaves are the
most powerful device in the market. Professional level devices and consumer level prices.

The Medical Light Association is a resource for anyone that is curious about, or researching the application of light in the medical field. Several colors (wavelengths) of light are use for different applications, Red light in effective for healing, violet light is effective for killing pathogens in blood. Specific wavelengths are used in conjunction with light sensitive dyes to kill cancers and control neurons in the brain. What's really amazing is our bodies emit light call biophotons. It's been discovered that our bodied emit wavelengths in all the colors of the rainbow, and the most predominate color is green.

LIGHT: Health Benefits & Medical Applications

This book presents a vivid picture how our health depends on light. He examines the importance of light in health and medicine. The information and studies support a new paradigm in medicine, it appears to be a juncture in health. This revolutionary technology is a cost effective alternative to drugs and invasive surgery in many cases. Pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know these truths! In his in-depth interviews he delves into the minds of brilliant scientists, doctors, federal regulators, health providers and entrepreneurs on the medical applications of light.

We are all curious about were we go when the physical body is no longer around for us. There are a lot of options, many religions have established doctrine that give us hope, but there is a lack of quantitative evidence. It has been become clear that Near Death Experience (NDE) does parallel what ancient philosophers and spiritual religious movements have written about for thousands of years. That the hereafter is real, how we treat one another does make a difference, and all the people we think we have lost are not truly gone.

Soul Code

The Soul Code takes an in-depth look and the higher dimensional aspects of the soul. By examining Near Death Experience (NDE) and other transformative spiritual experiences there is a clear connection that establishes patterns. Soul transmigration is clearly evident, we live within infinity, and that is where our consciousness resides now and for eternity. Our DNA is a governor to purposely reducing perception to be able to function in these physical bodies, seeing only a small part of whats really going on around us.

LMS is a multistep process that helps people subdivide their land. By developing your property you maximize it value. Thus putting more money in your pocket. We have years experience splitting up land. If you have land and not sure what direction to go with it, reach out to us, we're happy to give our honest option.

With a background in construction and previously working in the interior design industry; somehow lead me into this interesting line of work. I have ended up working with some of the best and most challenging teams in Central Texas. It is another one of my accidental careers that I do occasionally.

A meritocracy that abides be a high standard of principles, Morals and Justice. Standing under a constitution that believe in solid principles of free market economy and capitalist finance systems. Standing on several platforms including term limits and reducing government growth and overreach. There is a need to address monopolization and corporatocracy at a larger global level.

A Vertical Collective; is a cooperatively run corporation. This corporation is owned by it employees. Its structure creates a persuasively productive environment and a place were people wont take from the company and the corporate decisions will be naturally leveraged to do whats better for the whole, and the planet. While spreading wealth naturally.

Home Owners Associations (HOA) in this country have gone off the rails. HOA's materialized out of the housing boom that began in the 1050's. The problem is a specific breed of attorneys and real estate management firms have found a way to leverage this industry on the back of hard working middle Americans and something has to change.

Is the Wizard of Oz hiding behind the curtain? The global politics of unidentified aircraft will be dealt with in this era. Politicians and military a grappling with the reality of this. Unknown Ariel vehicles clearly wouldn't be showing up with out some sort of agenda, we just have to find out what it.