Matt DeBow has managed nearly 1 Million square feet of real estate. He began managing property over 20 years ago. He has endowed strong leadership skills and diligence reaching objectives. Matt’s has managed several types of real properties; unimproved land, industrial business park, high-rise office, multiunit apartment, restaurant, artist studio, band rehearsal studio, movie production facility and loft warehouse space.

• The properties Matt has managed span several thousand acres, which included: land with agriculture and wildlife exemptions, industrial warehouse parks and subdivision tracts. Some of Matt’s background include construction, remodeling, property rehabilitation, maintenance operations, managing home development and subdivision administration.

• Matt has also been on the marketing end of real estate. His background in advertising, media printing and graphic design has become very useful in his real estate endeavors. This insight has helped him implement PR and ad campaigns for the projects he is involved with. He can package up properties in to quick real estate fliers, or add demographics information, analysis and imagery for sophisticated project presentations. His background as a researcher and an author helps in writing up and documenting data; used for marketing, project proposals and PowerPoint presentations.

• Matt has created, developed, written, photographed, produced videos and print media for several types of companies within the real estate industry; U-Store America Mini Storage, Rental Housing Association, Mexican Heritage Center, Studio Estates, Heyl Group Real Estate, Monte Campana Hotel and B Street Studios to name a few.

Matt DeBow